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Top 10 Beer Bars in Bangkok: Where to Find Great Beer and Entertainment

Top 10 Beer Bars in Bangkok: Where to Find Great Beer and Entertainment

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is not only a city rich in culture and captivating landmarks but also a place that offers an abundance of options for beer enthusiasts. Both tourists and locals can enjoy a wide variety of beers from around the world in this vibrant city. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy great beer and a welcoming atmosphere, we have a list of the top 10 beer bars in Bangkok for you, ranked in descending order.

10. Let the Boy Die

Let the Boy Die is an unconventional beer bar known for its creative drinks and a unique approach to beer. It’s a great place for adventurous beer connoisseurs.

9. CRAFT at Sukhumvit 23

Another branch of the popular Craft offers a wide selection of beer styles and gastro-pub dishes. Ideal for those who want to pair great beer with excellent food.

8. Wishbeer Home Bar

Wishbeer Home Bar is a beer lover’s paradise with over 500 different types of beer. It’s a place where you can discover new flavors and styles of beer.

7. The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for a place to watch sports games and enjoy beer, The Clubhouse is an ideal choice with a wide selection of international beers.

6. Beer Republic

Beer Republic is known for its diverse menu featuring beers from around the world and is a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

5. Tawandang German Brewery

If you enjoy German beer and live music, Tawandang is the perfect place for you. It offers traditional German beers and entertainment.

4. HOBS – House of Beers

HOBS is a spacious beer bar with more than 100 beer brands, making it a great place to meet up with friends.

3. Craft

Craft is another popular beer bar in Bangkok where you can sample over 100 varieties of beer from different countries.

2. Hair of the Dog Phrom Phong

Hair of the Dog Phrom Phong is a go-to spot for quality craft beers and a friendly atmosphere. It’s a favorite among those looking to enjoy great beer.

1. Mikkeller Bangkok

Mikkeller Bangkok is a paradise for craft beer enthusiasts. With a selection of beers from various parts of the world and a modern ambiance, this brewpub is frequently visited by both tourists and locals.

These beer bars in Bangkok offer a wide range of beers and a pleasant atmosphere that tourists and locals alike adore. Whether you’re a fan of craft beers or just want to have a relaxing evening with friends, Bangkok provides numerous opportunities for discovering new flavors and experiences.

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