Tantra massage

Tantra massage

Today we encounter the term tantra massage more and more often. Either through the websites of various erotic salons offering this service or advertising billboards. This ritual drawing from tantric philosophy and its principles is gaining more and more popularity among men and women all over the world. This is a massage of the whole body, including erogenous zones and intimate parts. Tantra is a deep relaxing experience full of tenderness, sensitivity, but also excitement. The customer opens the way to the secret of his own body and to the discovery and development of his sexuality. Tantra massage allows you to get rid of everyday stress and fully devote yourself to the enjoyment of the present moment. There is a flow of vital energy that rejuvenates and beautifies the body and soul. Tantra massage is significantly different from the classic massage that you may be used to. Each touch is so sensual and intimate that it creates a blissful feeling in you that you will feel long after the massage. It is an unusual and unforgettable experience.

How does tantra massage work?

The tantra massage takes place in dim candlelight and accompanied by pleasant relaxing music. A pleasant relaxing scent is also part of the peaceful environment. Both the client and the masseuse are usually naked during this ceremony. Since nudity is considered a sign of openness in tantra massage, the client need not be afraid to put aside their inhibitions. At the beginning of the massage, the client can be covered with a light scarf, which the masseuse gradually takes off during the ritual. During tantra massage, the sensuality of touch is experienced. With her, the customer will experience a massage with hot towels and furs or stroking with soft feathers. The massage also includes a massage using natural aromatherapy oils or a relaxing massage with lava stones. In tantra, the body is perceived as one integrated whole and therefore it is massaged all over from the head to the tips of the toes, including intimate parts. Tantra massage is about getting to know the sexuality of your own body. With her, the customer remains in the role of receiver (there is no sex during the massage, as someone might mistakenly think). The massage of intimate parts for women is external, but it can also be internal according to the client’s wishes. For men, a prostate massage can also be performed after an appointment. Tantra massage ends with the sexual climax of the client. The masseuse then leaves, leaving the customer time to lie still and enjoy the reverberations of the massage. Then the client goes to take a shower, and if he is interested, he can also talk to the masseuse about his experiences.

Effects of tantra massage

Tantra massage is not only a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, but also has healing effects. In men, for example, it has a positive effect on erection, helps with prostate problems and premature ejaculation. For women, it helps with problems with painful sexual intercourse and problems with pregnancy. It also relieves stress, tension, relaxes muscles and promotes blood circulation. It gives vitality and zest for life.

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