Shaved or not?

Shaved or not?

Shaved or not .. it’s all a matter of opinion. Revealed sex in women is not as completely new as it might seem, rather it returned to fashion after a long time and became very popular. In addition, today you can encounter only partial shaving, for example with only a small modification of the natural growth. What’s a man, that’s an opinion, no one can expect us all to agree and want the same thing, besides, it would probably get boring after a while, don’t you think? The female pubic area will have its charm, no matter how it is arranged, if you choose on the pages of our erotic portal.

As anyone likes it

You will definitely choose from a wide range of possible modification options. Some women keep the pubic hair as it is and only lightly trim it, keeping only the groin shaved to keep the hair from sticking out of the panties. However, the number of truly “natural” beauties has decreased significantly recently (especially among the youngest). At the same time, there are still many men who seek out and prefer these women. Another variant is a narrow or wider carefully maintained strip, left in a precisely cut geometric shape. In principle, it can be noticed that the darker the hair, the less it is left. Often, the hair is also cut to just a few millimeters high “lawn”. Also appearing are easy-to-maintain small rectangles, sometimes called “Chaplin’s moustache”, again popular with brunettes in particular. For example, a heart like this, whether large or only miniature in size, gives a cute impression, it is one of the most desired shapes, but not every woman can do this method of modification herself really well and in such a way that it is something to look at. A simpler version is a triangle, with the tip pointing down, of course. The heart is often unusually colored or decorated, for example by weaving in or gluing on decorative elements. In the state of ancient Egypt, there is a completely smooth shave, often called “Cleopatra” or “Sphinx”. The material for a separate article would be the modern fads of extravagant artists and lately also graphic artists, in the combination of hairs and colors (tattoos are increasingly being replaced by durable, but at the same time easier to remove colors) sometimes unreal things appear. But that would belong to a completely different story.

Different opinions

From the point of view of doctors, we do not get a completely clear opinion, hair growth certainly has some meaning and mainly acts as a natural barrier against impurities. However, under today’s conditions, it probably loses a lot in terms of a really practical purpose, hygiene is possible practically at any time and that is why women usually interfere with their private parts. In terms of sweating and easy cleaning, the shaved ones have it somehow easier, there is no doubt about that. In the same way, sweat and other secretions do not settle on the hairs and there is no risk of odor. But then again, sterile clean and scented genitals are no longer what arouses the right desire in everyone, after all, a woman should also smell like a woman and not like a perfume shop. It is simply necessary to find the right middle path. Even a woman who engages in sex for a financial reward and alternates several partners will definitely find time to properly maintain her “garden”, shaving is definitely not absolutely necessary. Worshipers of oral sex usually prefer shaved partners, especially it is necessary to shave everywhere, i.e. also in the area of the lips and anus. Not only shaving machines with razors are used, special depilatory devices are also produced, although many of them say that they are “guaranteedly painless”, the girls will surely tell you at the right moment themselves that we have nothing to envy them.

Shaved or not – to each his own

Some girls pretend to be someone better and superior if they shave their pubes carefully and regularly, this may not be entirely true, for some girls shaving does not do much good, and if they have very sensitive skin, ingrown hairs can be a source of unpleasant itching and then there is nothing to be surprised when it returns to its “natural” appearance. Anyone who has never had a shaved woman will definitely want to try something like this, either he will like this treatment, or he will simply go back to what he likes more. Many women change the appearance of their birth and that is definitely an interesting solution. Men who have chosen the appearance of well-groomed and always elegant metrosexuals and also shave themselves carefully, almost always prefer clean-shaven partners. Shaving in men around the penis is supposed to increase its size at a glance, it will probably have its origin from actors in porn movies, but it has not spread too much. In any case, the modification of nature is not the most important thing, but it often has some influence when choosing a sex partner. And how do you like it best? Write, share your opinion…

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