Sex practices for lovers

Sex practices for lovers

 I’m one of those people who love sex and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. I hate the stereotype in bed. What is this about?! You lie on your back, you say to yourself: “Well, today it will be a missionary AGAIN” … you wait to see if anything will come of it, and disgusted you get dressed and go to bed.”! But can’t it be better? Improve your repertoire of erotic practices and you’ll see that you’ll like some of it and maybe even include it in your repertoire.

SEX – everyone loves it, so why not improve it?

Many want to be beautiful, they want to be the divine and passionate lovers that everyone desires in their imaginations and dreams. It is important that you enjoy the sexual intercourse and bring your partner to that state as well. Each of us desires to constantly tease and excite our partner. Stereotype and boredom will not make you a love cupid. That is why it is necessary to recognize and know what we can do under the covers! Sometimes it’s better to see 1x than to read 100x .. you can also easily get inspired by watching some titillating erotic video. Of course, there are erotic practices that cause stormy looks in people and are a complete Taboo for them. Among the traditional and inalienable erotic practices is sexual teasing, which is mostly practiced before sexual intercourse. Every one of us knows common erotic stimulation. These include stroking, kissing, rubbing against each other. These common preludes also have names that are not entirely common in our dictionaries. For example, would you know what Petting and Necking is? So these two terms describe the mentioned caressing, touching, kissing, rubbing. This intercourse is not direct sexual intercourse. Another practice includes the oral arousal of a woman in the place of her genitals. Many men like to work on the clitoris, which is a very sensitive arousal point in a woman. Increasingly, however, men like to move from the vagina to the anus. However, both men and women who enjoy anal intercourse will appreciate this practice. Oral stimulation of the penis (the so-called “Blow job”) is almost a common practice in every warm bed. Men love it when a woman teases them with her lips and tongue. Few men really despise a blow job. This miraculous method for men also has a “sister”, called Deep throat, which differs from the blow job in that the entire penis is introduced into the mouth, which the woman then irritates with throat contractions. It looks like she wants to swallow her partner’s penis.

Footfetish and other “unclean” 🙂 practices

Those who smell their partner’s feet will certainly not disdain Footfetish, which is practiced on the partner’s toes. This includes massaging, stroking and kissing the toes and the entire foot. Some men love it when a woman rubs their manhood with her legs. Some prefer it even more than pushing or rubbing their penis between a woman’s breasts. But according to taste, there is no dispute 🙂 We can see the variety of possibilities just by these listed erotic practices. There are many of them. Just choose. Whether you love the sexual stimulation of having your partner cum in your mouth, or smearing his cum all over your body. Whether you like it hard or sensitive, soft and romantic, you will definitely find something to suit you. The essence of erotic practices is to fulfill a purpose. And the team is fully satisfied in all aspects and have the most exciting experiences after each sex! I chose a new erotic practice for today! Which one will you try to impress? 🙂

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