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Sex of different cultures and skin colors

Sex of different cultures and skin colors

Are you wondering which beauties are the best in sex? Or do you even know that already? Have you had sex with women of all races, from all corners of the world? Or are you, after all, like most men, just some kind of layman and observer in this? Know that my experience is also not such that I can say: Yes, I did it with an Asian woman, a black woman, a white woman .. but I will gladly add some knowledge or experience on my own skin, including important information from the stories of others. Below you will find my subjective opinion on three types of women of different races .. let’s say the three most widespread and most mentioned. If you don’t agree with him, feel free to try to disprove me with your own experiences 🙂

Whitefish – great variety

With a pale-skinned woman, sex is very diverse, another is a real icy blonde from Scandinavia and another, of course, a temperamental Italian or a resident of the Balkans. With European girls, you can experience beautiful passionate erotica with everything, but you can also be quite disappointed at times. There really is probably the greatest variety. It is generally said that the most beautiful women in the world are Slavic women, who are both gentle and wise, and their beauty, blood and milk is proclaimed. But is it the same in bed? But maybe a little bit of that exotic temperament is missing. Maybe such blondes have beautiful and symmetrical pussies, but they are not always able to achieve real excitement… but of course there are also “bright exceptions” so let’s not throw them in the same bag. However, in the opinion of many men, it can be deduced that brunettes offer more variety during sex and can also enjoy it more themselves.

Black women – sex athletes

If we talk about temperament, we have to mention very passionate black girls. In most cases, their sexual appetite is huge and they indulge in eroticism in all its forms very willingly and they don’t mind at all if it is not with a black mega penis. They are very happy to have fun with us Europeans, because we are also exotic for them. If you are going on vacation to, for example, the Caribbean to see the black-skinned beauties there, prepare for a real storm and also for a lot of interest in you from the local girls. During the act itself, black cats are very active and powerful, they can make love for an incredibly long time. Their pussies are dark on the outside, but inside there is pink soft flesh hiding, which will smile at you willingly, and this bright gap will gladly accept any penis.

Asian women – friendly

Oh, those Asian women. They are known for their tenderness and great care for their lovers. They always meet the man and spread his legs with horny but chaste joy. At first, they seem a little shy, but then they are surprised by their great sensitivity to any touch. Once you touch their swollen nipples or directly test their delicate dark hairy pussies, you can’t stop and neither can an Asian woman. Sighs to excited screams come very soon. Japanese, Chinese or Thai women are known to be capable of many more orgasms during a single intercourse than, for example, women from Europe. An Asian woman is grateful for sex and can say thank you for it in many ways, perhaps with another even better thrust. Ultimately, it depends on the individual preferences of the sexual researcher.

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