Sex, health and hygiene in practice

Sex, health and hygiene in practice

We live in a time when the word erotica and sex appear everywhere around us. Everyone craves adventure. After love and sex. Experts in elementary schools are already dealing with sex education, but it is not only about explaining the functioning of sexual intercourse, but also about the conditions that should be observed during sex. I mean hygiene principles, protection, cleanliness, etc. Everything you need to be careful about during intercourse. We should pay much more attention to hygiene, especially when it comes to sex for a financial reward. At erotic services, sex dating sites, privates, where beautiful Call girls (prostitutes) who are professionals in sex services take care of our satisfaction and satisfaction. Our sex dating site also offers beautiful call girls (prostitutes), sympathetic, who will satisfy all your desires for a financial reward.

When it comes to sex, health and cleanliness should come first

It is necessary to observe hygiene principles with such sex portals. Sexy companions who offer their beautiful bodies and services to men on an erotic portal should be clean, well-groomed and in 100% health. This means that they should not suffer from any disease, especially venereal disease. It is important that partners who have met through advertising determine in advance the rules and principles that suit both parties and will be followed. Certainly the main and fundamental principle should be protection. Protection against unwanted pregnancy, but especially against transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. The most important thing in this case is to use a condom with every intercourse. The companion who offers sex should make it clear to the client what kind of sex and services she offers him, and he should choose what suits him best. It is important that they mutually agree on all terms and respect them. After these, they come to the crucial, beautiful and exciting act.

Clean and fragrant .. that’s how it should be

However, professionals who offer sex for money should realize that there are clients who do not pay much attention to their hygiene, or pay too much attention to it. It is necessary to prepare for every alternative. If a client arrives who does not have very hygienic habits, take him to the shower and wash him nicely in the perfume bottle. Maybe he will like the act under running water so that he will return under these drops regularly.. Do the same when a “hygiene pedant” client comes and washes himself in front of him, so he can see how much you also adore cleanliness. However, don’t forget about protection even in the shower. Soap and running water will never replace a condom! It is also necessary to use it in water! So if you decide to go with your beloved call girl (prostitute) to an erotic private room and have a good time with her, don’t forget fresh breath, beautiful perfume and a large number of condoms!

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