Sex advertising – what the ad reveal

Sex advertising – what the ad reveal

Sex advertising on sites that deal with the advertising of erotic services, escort and other services for a financial reward usually attracts visitors who know well what they are specifically looking for. Nevertheless, some offers interest him and attract him much more than others, have you ever thought about what such an advertisement actually reveals and how it affects the reader? A lot depends on the style and effectiveness of the ad. It depends on the first impression, which is often the most important. In case of bad execution, it will not even be read to the end. What is the visitor interested in and what should your sex advertisement contain? The opinions and interests of the clients are understandably not completely uniform, but it is possible to find some agreement here.

At first glance

Advertisements on the Internet are a little different from regular newspaper or magazine advertising, although they also have a lot in common. What kind of erotic ad would it be without a nice and suggestive photo or even a link to a whole gallery of other photos? Here is sometimes the first stumbling block – some photos are not really good and can spoil the whole impression before you even start reading. The photos usually show the whole figure, either partially clothed or completely “undressed”. It’s important how the snapshot works. A neutral background can make a woman’s figure and details stand out, while an interestingly chosen background can stimulate erotic fantasy. If you want to maintain anonymity in an effort to maintain discretion and privacy, you can comb your hair in your face, use a mask, or hide your face behind a piece of clothing or another object. If you present your face and, moreover, with the right expression, they can definitely arouse interest more easily. After all, no one likes to buy a “cat in a bag”. Properly chosen erotic underwear or accessories can also have a good effect on the photo, especially if the companion likes to use it and mentions it in the next offer. If you add a verification photo to your photos, your sex ad will gain more credibility in the eyes of a potential customer.

Topping brings success

This way of making the ad visible allows it to be moved and maintained among the best placed on the site – that is, those that practically every visitor to an erotic dating site notices and views first. After all, how many times have you reached the end of an advertising offer and read it yourself? A person seems to have somehow fixed that the best things are always offered at the beginning. And this is what the topping principle is based on. And not only do they bring increased interest and thus also profit for the advertiser, they are also proof that, among other things, they pay attention to their advertising and promotion. At the same time, this proves that the offered services will also be at the level. Topping has meaning and real meaning above all on well-known advertising portals, where a large number of potential customers are looking for and which are popular among people. The pages are also optimized for all other devices capable of viewing Internet content. So we are not limited to desktop or laptop users, but also to smartphones and tablets.

Lie has short legs

This brings us to one of the things that is sometimes the target of criticism in sex advertising, and that is the truthfulness of embedded ads. We check every inserted ad, we verify the photos and telephone contact provided by the advertiser. If you are an advertiser, want to advertise on and intend to use photos downloaded from the internet, save yourself time and don’t even try. We try to deal with everyone humanely and with understanding, even if it is sometimes not easy. We stand behind the fact that we have always acted fairly, even if many would give up and not invest their time further. It should be noted that the advertisers are responsible for the information provided in the advertisements, that is, even if we check the advertisement as the operators of the portal, it is sometimes possible to encounter false or exaggerated information, or the use of an inappropriate photo. Notifying us about it is probably the best solution that can be chosen. If intervention and correction are justified, they will not wait long.

Your sex advertisement and other important data

You will definitely be interested in the availability of the companion, i.e. when and how you can order and use her services, time availability is also related to whether she offers a private car, she goes to see customers, or information about the possibility of discreet parking and access. The most common form of contact is phone or SMS, after which other details are negotiated relatively easily. Especially if the ad contains such important details as the scope and specific form of the actions offered as well as an indicative price list. If the girl has other strengths or abilities that she emphasizes in the ad, this is always a plus. It can be knowledge of foreign languages, completed massage or dance courses and the like. This also applies to possible less common practices or sexual orientation, the seeker is then sure that he is really turning to the right person.

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