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Erotic salons/clubs and services on and everything you wanted to know about them

The Businesses section contains a constantly growing and daily updated database of erotic privates, erotic massages, escort agencies, night clubs, SM studios, cabarets, asylums for lovers, and other businesses that offer their services through


Clicking on the Salons/Clubs link will take you directly to a list of all establishments. You can easily and quickly filter this list via the navigation menu to switch directly to the Erotic Privates, Erotic Massages, Escorts, Nightclubs or BDSM sections. You can sort the list of businesses according to various criteria. If your device or browser enables the location function (so-called geolocation), you can also sort the results by distance. More information about this functionality can be found in the Geolocation section of this help.

If the default list of businesses does not suit you and you wish to enter more precise search criteria, you have two options; the Search salons/ clubs link will take you to a blank search form where you can enter one or more criteria to narrow your salons/clubs search. However, if you have already selected some parameters for the search, either by switching to a given type of business or by entering parameters in the search, you should rather use the refine button, which is located on the navigation element – in this case, the search parameters you entered will be preserved.

In your search for businesses, please keep in mind that although our database is growing day by day, it still does not contain all salons/ clubs in Thailand (it will take some time), so there are certain combinations of selection criteria that will not return any results. Therefore, choose carefully and use individual criteria only to narrow down your selection.


The salons/clubs presentation on contains all available information related to the business. Name, address, including a link to the erotic map, telephone numbers, e-mail address – all this information can be found clearly displayed here. Informative text and illustrative photos are an integral part of the company’s website. The presentation of the business also includes information on the opening hours, program and equipment of the business and statistical information on the date of registration, the last change and the number of visits.

With the vast majority of businesses, you will also find a listing section with photo previews of the girls who are registered with that business. Links to similar businesses and girls or the Nearby Businesses section, where you can find businesses closest to your chosen business, can also help you in your selection of a suitable business.

If it is not a separate presentation of the company linked, for example, from an advertisement or from news, you can also browse between the companies listed based on the parameters you entered, or modify the existing selection parameters via the refine button on the navigation element.

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