About geolocation, i.e. positioning. Why to use, how not to use and what is this feature of modern browsers and devices good for


Determining the location or geolocation is a feature of most modern devices, especially mobile phones and tablets, which enables the detection of your current location and the transmission of this location to individual applications, in our case the Internet browser, for further use. On the website you are currently on, geolocation is used to sort business and women search results by distance from your current location.

Geolocation technology is completely independent of, how accurately your location will be determined is determined by a number of factors (device type, your device settings, internet provider, Wi-Fi enabled, proximity of other Wi-Fi, availability and GPS settings ) and we cannot influence any of these factors. In general, positioning is most accurate for mobile phones and tablets with maximum positioning functions (GPS, Wi-Fi), least accurate for desktop computers with a fixed Internet connection.


Geolocation functionality is included on the site solely for the purpose of improving user comfort when searching for businesses and girls in our database. The operator of the server does not collect any data from users – visitors to the server. This applies not only to positioning functions, but also to all other data. If you are still concerned about your privacy, you can turn off the geolocation function at any time. If you use this function, you can sleep peacefully knowing that all the data about where you were at the time when you were looking for girls for sex will be safely stored only on your computer and in the databases of most secret services around the world.

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