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Escort – Call girl (what does it mean)

Escort – Call girl (what does it mean)

The offer of erotic dating sites often includes this word in various forms, but many customers are not exactly sure what they can expect and what the essence of this service is. In translation, this word primarily means “escort“, which is where the focus of the service comes from. If you are not currently maintaining a strong relationship, your partner is not interested or in the mood to go out with you, or you are too far away from her and want to spend pleasant moments in the company of a sociable, attractive and presentable lady or lady, this service is just for you. There is no need for lengthy negotiations and the establishment of possible short-term unpromising relationships, you simply choose a suitable companion according to your needs and everything is solved at once! At the same time, the opportunity to use the offer of escort services is definitely not reserved only for the richest of the rich, as the ill-informed mistakenly believe. It is possible to find many really accessible and interesting offers from female companions with different focus, so it does not always have to be just a social or cultural event. In pleasant company, you can, for example, go out to dinner (yes, of course, the client will invite his Aphrodite in this case), take a walk, take a bath or choose your own original program. In addition, most escorts have a rich offer of different ways to make the most of your time.

And sex?

Of course, an escort includes, among other things, erotic services, as a rule, even the agreement between the client and the companion sounds like this. The agreement is one of the very important things that must be paid enough attention to avoid possible misunderstandings later. Not every escort is ready and willing to fulfill everything you can ask of her. It is ideal if you find out these things in advance and agree with each other how the meeting will proceed. If you first get to know each other a little, the approach to other games is also easier, it turns into a real, albeit short-term, relationship, which is no longer as impersonal and austere as rushed “quick shots”. You should treat the escort partner as a partner and not just as a paid subject, her willingness and friendliness will definitely be much better then, which in turn will ultimately improve the quality of your experience. When and to what extent there will be sexual games, how much time you spend on other activities, it depends primarily on you. Recently, more and more people are realizing that erotic services do not only include sexual intercourse itself, but also gentle touches, caresses, kisses, for many it is very exciting, for example, revealing the secrets of the partner’s body while slowly undressing. If you like tantalizing underwear, don’t forget to mention it, I’m sure any right sexy companion will be happy to accommodate you. And what portion of the total time will be taken up by pure animal sex, that is again only up to you, you don’t have to strive for any records and extraordinary performances, everything is completely in your hands.

Other meanings

Sometimes the term escort is simply used to refer to a female companion who, after ordering, arrives for you at the specified address (for the sake of discretion, the driver usually brings her and comes for her again, or waits out of sight of curious people), according to the agreement, it is also possible to pick up the female companion somewhere or meet at an agreed place. So it doesn’t have to be an escort in the literal sense of the word, you just comfortably wait for the chosen girl according to your wishes, for example in a hotel room, so that the business trip is not so desperately boring. Escort services do not have to be just a matter of a few hours or a passionate evening, depending on the possibility, it is also possible to agree on a longer period, that is, for example, you can treat yourself to an extraordinary erotic weekend or even a vacation, which many do not even dare to dream about. These are already somewhat more financially demanding experiences, but their realization depends again only on you and your possibilities. Young and mature, apparently it doesn’t have to be just one. This is how the selection from the available options can be briefly characterized. Someone chooses the company of young beauties who could peacefully be models, actresses or presenters on television, another wants to spend his dream time with a mature woman who is his desired ideal, perhaps each of us has some more or less hidden wish, the fulfillment of which he doesn’t even hope anymore. At the same time, it is not so impossible to achieve it, you are on the right path, if you search and choose carefully, with a little luck you will find the right one and you will both spend relaxing, unforgettable moments. After all, this erotic advertising portal was created for this purpose, feedback and customer satisfaction speaks for itself, and we can only wish you to find exactly what you desire in our erotic private offer. And if you succeed, don’t forget to share your experience with us and other visitors. May you have a lucky hand when choosing!

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