Erotic massage as intimate recovery

Erotic massage as intimate recovery

During an erotic massage, we cannot forget the massage oil and, of course, a sexy partner with smart hands. Erotic massage, i.e. massage of the whole body has advantages only in excitement and climax. You can also use it to find out what excites you and which parts of your body are most sensitive. It can then be used very well during classic sex.

Erotic massage will be more beautiful if you are not selfish!

One of the important character traits in erotic massage is selflessness. Many partners say that if I give you a massage, then you have to give it back to me. It is necessary to realize that only one of the partners des not have to enjoy an erotic massage. The masseur must be naked, and his advantage is that he will see the most secret folds and nooks and crannies of his partner, which will turn him on one hundred percent so much that he will have to restrain himself so that he does not climb on top of his partner before finishing massaging him (only if the excited person would also like it massage client). The goal of erotic massage is to relax the whole body and enjoy the touch of the other person. Not thinking about anything, just how your partner runs his hands over your shiny oiled slippery body.

A prepared erotic massage tastes better

If you want an erotic massage that neither of you will forget, don’t forget a few important tips. It is very important to set the scene and create an atmosphere that will ensure joy and excitement for what will follow. Just romance! Candles, aroma lamps, aphrodisiacs are also not to be thrown away! Quiet slow romantic music, dark and prepared creams, oils that will be used during the massage. A satin scarf can also be very exciting. During the massage, it is advisable to use a lubricating gel, as not all oils are suitable for intimate parts.

How do I like her?

I love a gentle head massage. That is why I would start with this part of the body during the massage. A person relaxes a lot, puts stress and all problems behind his head and lets his partner guide him. Many do not know that the ear also has many exciting nerve endings. If you haven’t tried ear massage yet, try it, you won’t regret it! Whether you caress your partner’s ear with your fingers or tongue, it’s up to you. After blindfolding with a satin scarf, you slowly undress your partner. Unzip each piece of clothing slowly, let her feel like somewhere in a prison with a sexy guard, with whom intercourse is completely unacceptable! Place it first on your stomach, then on your back. Run the oil over all the corners of your partner’s body, from head to toe. From the waist and hips, move to intimate areas. Don’t talk, just act! You have to see how your oily touches make your partner excited. Listen to the intensity and volume of his breath. A half-open mouth and excited nipples will definitely not keep you waiting for long. How this erotic massage ends is up to you, whether you please your partner with your fingers, a sexual toy, or your mouth, or if you tie your partner up and end up with a depraved “rape”, it’s up to you. My sweetest idea is to be raped by a beautiful guy who I want to be raped by! I imagine how I happily scream at him not to do it, let me go, but he doesn’t hear me, ignores my every word and at the same time tears my panties from under my skirt. He looks at me with pleasure and rams into me with his masculinity so hard that I can’t even scream and I slowly surrender completely to him.

Fulfill your desires and dreams

Unfortunately, you don’t have a partner who would happily massage your body? It doesn’t matter. There are erotic services that deal with various erotic massages. For example, tantra erotic massage, sensual massage, nuru massage, soap massage and other sex massages. Do not hesitate, Our Call girls will fulfill your every secret wish!

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