Erotic games, masks and costumes

Erotic games, masks and costumes

Even sex can become a bit monotonous and stereotypical over time, although not everyone is bothered by it, but if you want to liven it up, one of the options is erotic games, masks, costumes, disguises and everything related to it. If you do not date at home or at your permanent partner, you can certainly turn to the girls from the erotic portal, who will happily fulfill every male wish. After all, it’s definitely more than a good idea to liven up your sex a little! When the sexual desire starts to wax and wane, think about some suitable revival and don’t be at all afraid that you didn’t get too much acting talent from the judges. You’re not trying to win an Oscar, you just want to diversify your favorite hobby. It is enough to think a little and give free rein to your imagination and ideas about how you would share it with whom and what you would put on her, take off, what you would leave… The ideas vary, but something of them often remains stored somewhere and once in a while time tries to break through to the surface. Why not treat yourself to something like that? A large number of people devote themselves to costumes and skits. The advantage is when you can find out in advance that your companion will have a positive attitude towards something similar. Maybe he even has some of the necessary properties ready and you can certainly easily agree on the scenario. You can easily find these data with a little search, for example, in the offer of every decent erotic portal, you practically do not have to worry about anything, there is also no need to provide the necessary props (unless you require something really completely special and unique), you will come to the finished product beautifully comfortably. The search engines and filters will reliably sort the girls for you and the choice will be very easy in the end.

Which disguises, costumes and masks do we like the most

For gentlemen, first of all, it is definitely flight attendants, maids, nurses, policewomen and girls in uniform. They tend to be irritating and often quite challenging fads. In addition, the man probably has a desire to humble and, like a good male, make happy just such a prey that is quite difficult to access at first glance. Although it doesn’t have to be any kind of brutal sex, associated with ripping off clothes and pulling hair, the most popular position in these cases is definitely access from behind, whether it’s just traditional sex or combined with anal. A suitable foreplay should not be missing, sometimes a button or a zipper will be taken for its own, these costumes are really irritating and will make any man so hot that he really can hardly hold back. At the same time, these are not complicated and financially demanding masks, if the companions do not have suitable clothing items, you can buy them in erotic e-shops for a relatively low price. Another very popular disguise or costume is the school girl, whether it is a mask of a girl with pigtails, in a short plaid skirt, with knee socks and a school bag on her back or a refined imitation of a cheeky and provocative teenager. In these cases, complete shaving is often desirable, which adds a touch of “reality” to “school” sex.

Erotic games – there are many options

The dream of many men is a really perverted-looking woman, although they don’t want to call this model offensive, everyone will probably understand what they are talking about. Yes, a proper tomato bitch who will do anything and what’s more, with gusto and joy. In this case, excessive make-up, irritating underwear, a garter belt and stockings are enough, some even have a whip, handcuffs or a vibrator added to the set according to taste and taste, high boots or, conversely, stiletto heels should definitely not be missing. If the design is in pastel colors and is supplemented with large ears and a symbolic tail, it can also be a girl who seems to have just jumped out of the pages of Playboy or a similar erotic magazine. Even other costumes and disguises are not without room for imagination, for example someone longs for a nun, a strict teacher or simply a neighbor from the house, a sister-in-law, a friend’s wife or even a mother-in-law! If you make an agreement with the right girl, who also has a sense of humor, you can enjoy the whole scene, when you only agree on the rough features of the scenario in advance and then let the plot flow freely. But if you want a completely unusual costume or disguise, you’d better bring it with you, but after you’ve checked with your companion about the right size, otherwise it might not all work out as planned.

Holes and tearing

Many sexy clothes and tantalizing accessories for erotic moments are already equipped with openings so that eager hands and later limbs have the easiest possible way, as an example we can cite the so-called “catsuit” clothing, mesh clothing, which usually already has prepared openings in all the necessary places and at first glance it probably resembles an elastic black (although this is not a requirement either) fishing net that has already had a few hauls behind it. It suits practically every figure and is an incredibly effective “stimulator” for many men. Although the woman is dressed, everything is visible and within reach! The lover has his way and it is up to him how he will deal with the situation. Clothing made of very translucent material, such as gauze, curtains, and the like, can have a similar (but far less effective) effect. Let’s plan the difficulty of the possible scene (if a disguise or a costume is not enough for you) according to the abilities of the actors, even if sometimes everything does not turn out to be absolutely perfect, it is definitely an interesting revival and if it fulfills its purpose, it will definitely be worth repeating in the future. I just listed a few favorite costumes and disguises, of course there are a lot of them, and maybe you will come up with something completely new and unusual. There are both men and women who enjoy ripping off clothes, but let’s be careful that we don’t accidentally get caught in the whirlwind of passion, something that is not destined to be destroyed, otherwise this too often belongs to real wild sex. What do you like to play? Tell us about your experiences or ideas 😉

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