Erotic dictionary of terms

Erotic dictionary of terms

If you are confused about the nomenclature of erotic services for girls on SEXINBANGKOK.COM, here is an overview of them together with an explanation of what each service entails. Even though some terms will certainly be familiar to you, it doesn’t hurt to remember them to avoid any unpleasant surprises…

If you are confused by the various foreign language terms for services provided to women, which you come across both on the women search page and on the results pages, we have prepared for you a brief overview of these services with a more or less detailed explanation of what each service entails.

Classic sex – also called intercourse, copulation, coitus is an act in which the male reproductive organ (penis) enters the female reproductive organ (vagina) and subsequent mechanical stimulation of both mentioned organs or other erogenous zones culminating in male ejaculation, orgasm. For the purposes of our database, it should be added that this act does not occur for its primary function, which is to transmit genetic information for the reproduction and preservation of the species, but for its secondary function, which is pleasure. Pleasing a man, it must be added, whatever you may think of your semi-divine sexual prowess. This act occurs with the help of protection in the form of a condom, which prevents unwanted, but really unwanted, conception, as well as the transmission of (possible) sexually transmitted diseases. In no way do we want to suggest, even by mistake, that the SEXINBANGKOK.COM advertisers suffer from some such disease – on the contrary, protection is the alpha and omega of successful and above all long-term use and ultimately the provision of erotic services.

Oral sex – fellatio is a sexual activity in which the mouth or tongue is used to stimulate the male genital organ. For the purposes of our database, the Oral service does not mean stimulation of the female genital organs (cunnilingus). Oral can serve as a prelude to classic intercourse or can be a separate service. The course of this service and its termination are not fixedly specified and if you are interested in clarifying some important details, it is best to discuss them directly with the chosen person. Unless otherwise stated, see below, this service always takes place with protection in the form of a condom, the exception may or may not be the final phase of this activity, in which the condom may be removed and depending on the agreement with the girl (the previous agreement is in in this case very important) also to direct the final ‘product’ to / into pre-specified parts of the body / room.

Oral without – identical to the previous service with the difference in the absence of protection against sexually transmitted diseases – a condom. Important Note: Although this service is in high demand and is already included in the search parameters on SEXINBANGKOK.COM, it should always be remembered that STDs (HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis) ARE TRANSMITABLE even through this seemingly safe form of sex , although in most cases a woman is exposed to a greater risk. Although at SEXINBANGKOK.COM you will find this service with a wide range of women and girls, we will certainly not recommend you to use it.

Anal sex – sexual activity in which (for the purposes of our database) the male genital organ enters the female anus. While unprotected anal intercourse represents a high-risk activity, especially with regard to the higher risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, this service is provided without exception with protection and if there is no unexpected accident in the form of perforation or condom slippage, this risk is minimized and thus depends only on agreement and the ability of girls and women to provide these services. It should be noted that this service, if it is provided at all, is usually associated with additional fees, which it is advisable to inquire about in advance. On the other hand, it is not appropriate to demand this service ‘basically’ or to demand its provision in any way.

Men’s anal – as the name already suggests, even in this case the anus is penetrated, but so to speak “from the other side”, i.e. from the woman to the man. Considering the fact that the vast majority of women are not naturally equipped for this act (some transsexual girls who are equipped in this way can also be found in our database), various tools of various shapes and sizes are used for this practice.

Swedish threesome – Swedish threesome, also known as “Two for one”, “threesome” or “MMF” means that you can take a friend with you to visit the girl and simultaneously (or gradually) try one or more types of sexual intercourse .

Piss – piss, or urinating, is one of the activities for which everything that both (two, three, etc.) participants agree on is allowed in sex. If you are one of the lovers of the so-called ‘golden rain’, you surely know that this practice means getting urinated on by a girl or woman and, in the case of a girl from the SEXINBANGKOK.COM database, paying money for it.

Light SM – SM stands for sado-masochistic practices, for the sake of clarity these practices are divided into two subcategories in our database. Among the light SM practices are especially bondage, pegs, wax, footfetish, rubber, latex, piss (piss may or may not be considered an SM practice, it depends only on the nature of each of us), spanking and other ‘lighter’ practices that maybe you run it at home and you don’t need any extra tools, interior fittings or paint for them. But don’t want or demand any of the harsher SM practices from the girls who provide this service. In your own interest.

SM – Anal fisting, caviar (if you don’t know what it is, you don’t want to know), genital torture (so-called ballbusting), electrosex, clinic, whipping and other ‘harder’ practices fall under the SM service and are, with exceptions, the privilege of the dominos in SM studies. All women advertising on SEXINBANGKOK.COM

Massage – here again the name will tell you a lot, some of the women in our database are specialized masseuses who provide relaxing massages professionally (and in some cases no erotic services), and others will give you a massage as part of the visit as a prelude / finish to other services. If you are only looking for women based on this parameter, it is advisable to find out which group your chosen person belongs to, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings. Such misunderstandings may include, for example, the desire to demand sexual services from girls who only provide massages.

Striptease – this item is reserved for girls who can move at least roughly to the beat of the music and gradually remove parts of their clothing with varying degrees of finesse.

Lesbi Show – very few lovers of female beauty are offended by the sight of two girls or women in a more than warm embrace, who satisfy each other with different parts of their bodies or with various tools. However, a lesbi show “with hookup” is something completely different and everyone will surely agree that two beautiful girls are better than one beautiful girl… All by agreement.

Escorts – if you want a girl from the SEXINBANGKOK.COM database to accompany you to social events, gala dinners or other pleasures that are not directly related to sex, you can choose from a very rich offer of those girls who provide this service additionally.

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