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Do you know all the types of female orgasm?

Do you know all the types of female orgasm?

Women have an advantage over men in some things. As such, they can experience orgasm in several ways and can achieve it in different parts of their body. Women have several erogenous zones on their body, which can lead them to orgasm, which can last up to several minutes. In some cases, orgasm is manifested by female ejaculation. You will learn what kinds of orgasms women achieve and how they occur in this article.

What is the female orgasm

According to researchers, female orgasm represents the body’s response to sexual excitement. By stimulating certain points and parts of the body, the muscles tense and relax, causing contractions. At the same time, after reaching the orgasm, the brain releases the hormone oxytocin, which is released not only during sex, but also during breastfeeding and childbirth. Oxytocin causes pleasant and relaxing feelings in the brain. However, this simple explanation does not exclude the possibility that women can achieve orgasm not only on a physical level, but also on a psychological level. At the opposite end of the spectrum are women who never reach orgasm, making up about 5% of the population. The causes of this inability can be diverse, including psychological blocks, hormonal imbalances, and even genetic factors. The wrong partner can also be a significant reason. If you’re thinking about how to enrich your sex life and want to bring your partner to orgasm, you can try the following types of orgasm.

Clitoral Orgasm

This is the most common type of orgasm known to each of us. It is one of the easiest orgasms to achieve. After women start puberty, they know exactly how to press on the clitoris. If you are a man, let a woman guide you to the correct technique. A woman achieves clitoral orgasm not only by teasing the clitoris but also the lips, and that’s why sometimes a touch through underwear is enough. In the clitoris During stimulation, there is a large flow of blood, which eventually causes an orgasm.

Vaginal Orgasm 

It is an orgasm that connects to the G-spot. It is a stronger orgasm than clitoral. As with the clitoris, the G-spot is dotted with nerve endings, and after their successful stimulation, an orgasm occurs. It is not necessary to stimulate the G-spot for a long time, if you find it and know how to treat it, the orgasm occurs almost immediately.

Combination of vaginal and clitoral orgasm

The most beautiful orgasm a woman can achieve. If something like this happens to men on a regular basis, then you will never get rid of your woman. You can achieve it by combining a vibrator and massaging the clitoris at the same time


Coregasm is another orgasm that is more difficult to achieve. It is the type of orgasm that a woman can achieve during pelvic floor exercises or abdominal exercises. Up to 60% of women claim that during pelvic floor exercises they feel a similar sensation as during an orgasm, but not as intense of course.

Anal orgasm

In this case, we can divide women into two groups. in the first case, we know women who don’t want to hear anything about anal sex. In the second one, we have women who love anal sex and can’t get enough of it. We have good news for the second case. Strong penetration of the anal opening can cause a much more intense orgasm than in the case of a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. However, it is of course individual for each woman.

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