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Company selection

Sex for money generally has three basic forms – sex in clubs, sex in private houses and sex with girls from escort agencies. There is no definition of which of these forms is better or worse, each has its pros and cons, everyone is comfortable with something completely different and also everyone has completely different options. We will try to divide the individual variants and thus facilitate the possible choice – which does not mean, however, that it is not possible to combine all the variants as desired depending on the situation.

As already mentioned at the beginning, sex for money generally has three basic forms – sex in clubs, sex in private houses and sex with girls from escort agencies. There is no definition of which of these forms is better or worse, each has its pros and cons, everyone is comfortable with something completely different and also everyone has completely different options. We will therefore try to divide the individual variants and thus facilitate the possible choice – which does not mean, however, that it is not possible to combine all variants according to the situation.


Sex in nightclubs is undoubtedly the most financially and time-consuming form. Another major disadvantage for many is the fact that most nightclubs operate, as the name already suggests, at night (usually from 8, 9 p.m.), and the regular use of these facilities can therefore have an adverse effect on possible marital/partner cohabitation . Each of us can certainly stay at work a little longer, but if such delays occur regularly and end early in the morning, moreover, without the ability to precisely define the reason for this delay, on the other hand, with the absence of correct coverage by colleagues and, last but not least, arriving with dilated pupils , with foam on the head and clothes in a different ‘configuration’ than when leaving in the morning – that’s a real challenge even for the best liar. Of course, it is worth noting that there are also night clubs with non-stop operation or those that open relatively early in the afternoon.

But if you don’t have too deep in your pocket, you can cope with the evening and night hours and you choose the clubs, you certainly won’t make a mistake. In most cases, you will be rewarded with a very serious and correct attitude, both from the service of the operational kind and from the side of the sexual kind of service. In most clubs you can feel like you’re in a bar (in the bigger ones maybe even like a smaller disco) in which there happen to be a large number of more or less scantily clad girls and women and EVERY ONE OF THEM wants you, you can have regardless of your personal charm or physical disposition. In most clubs, it is not a problem to come, sit, drink and chat for any length of time, but it is correct to come already with the intention of realizing the main goal of your visit. Even if they don’t let you know it directly anywhere, and yes, even if the margins on alcohol in clubs are relatively high, after all, it’s usually the rooms that keep the economy of the clubs (and their staff) in the black, so in the long term it’s not advisable to go to a club just drink (but the truth is that there are also clubs and cabarets based on consumption).

In addition to the correct approach, one of the advantages of the clubs is also the usually high level of the girls, both physically and, let’s say, socially. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t come across intelligent and nice girls in private houses or escort agencies, or that you won’t be able to meet real nightmares (in every sense of the word) in some clubs, but the staff in clubs usually go through a slightly more careful selection than, say, on privates. However, the price for this can also be a slightly more professional approach and very precisely defined services, the limits of which you will rarely get beyond, regardless of how large amounts you are waving at the moment. The number of girls present also plays a big role in the clubs – established clubs, even the smaller ones, will offer you something between five and ten girls every night, but you can also come across clubs with twenty, fifty or even eighty girls.

Finally, the last advantage that should be mentioned in connection with clubs is the fact that, unlike private hotels, they usually offer a higher standard both in terms of equipment and variety of drinks and, last but not least, also in terms of hygiene – clean towels and bed linen are a matter of course for each new client, most clubs have showers directly in the rooms, so you will not meet other customers in the corridor, in many clubs there are also whirlpool baths and sometimes even pools as part of the rooms. In this regard, of course, it is advisable to consider how big a role a shared bath or playing in the pool plays for you, because rooms equipped in this way are always more expensive than standard ones, and if you plan to spend more time in the room, the price can increase quite dramatically. In fairness, it should also be added that there are also a number of truly luxurious private apartments, in which no expense has been spared on the equipment and where you will feel like you are in the presidential suite of the most expensive hotel.


Sex in private rooms has its undeniable advantages – the basic ones include lower, sometimes even symbolic prices for sex, which can also often be very untied in a surprising and even shocking way – for example compared to night clubs, where clear rules usually apply and where you rarely get an offer unprotected sex for 60 USD (including VAT). Of course, it is worth noting that if you really get such an offer, start running as fast as possible! Another advantage is the daily availability, which is the key reason for choosing this form of self-realization for the majority of men. After all, a longer break for lunch is nothing unusual, especially in the summer months, when with all the tourists and so on, you have to wait a very long time for the food… However, this does not mean that there are no non-stop private houses or those that are open until late at night / morning hours.

Another big advantage of privates is the fact that while clubs may rely partly on their visibility ‘from the street’, a regular clientele, some on taxi drivers and some on a certain inertia related to their establishment, for most privates, which are growing like mushrooms after the rain, come and are leaving, advertising plays a key role, especially such advertising on the Internet and in print media that contains real and up-to-date photos. Thanks to this, you usually have the opportunity to choose the girl you are going to meet even before you pick up the phone and make an appointment, and conversely, if the girl you chose does not appear at the private party after the previous appointment, you can leave with a clear conscience. Some private houses, especially those with only one single lady working, can also very easily replace the institution of a mistress – a cheaper mistress who does not call you at home, who has no demands on you and who can (almost) always.

Of course, even private houses have their disadvantages, which must be mentioned in the context of objectivity. Despite all your efforts to choose a company well, it can always happen that you come across an operation of a very strange level, because there are no rules – other than the market – and no supervision over private companies, which more or less balance close to the edge of the law. In case you get into trouble of any kind, there is no recourse and you have only yourself to rely on. While you can complain in the club and it is not uncommon for money to be returned or various benefits to be provided in the event of justified dissatisfaction, it is better not to look for such a thing at private clubs in your own interest.

The limited selection of girls and women on privates can also be a limiting factor – if you really don’t go ‘for sure’ based on recommendations, your own selection based on photos or a phone call, or as a returning customer, you can very easily end up in a situation where between two (one ) you really don’t get to choose the ladies present and your dream of a sexual adventure turns into a big frustration. Under the weight of this frustration, you may even make a mistake that you will later regret.

A number of people are also put off by the different functioning mechanism of privates – while in a club you can more or less casually sit, drink and talk, in privates, especially well-functioning ones that do not have a shortage of clientele, the contractual relationship usually works on the principle of ‘come – choose – pay – perform a need – leave’ (order may vary). If your need is only sexual, nothing against it, but if there is also a need for social contact, choose another option. Despite this, the more shy among us may be deterred by the risk of meeting a (semi)naked man in the corridor on the way from the room to the shared shower or back, in the case of larger privates with more girls, which is a phenomenon that sometimes willy-nilly cannot be avoided.


Sex with escort girls includes as wide a variety of options as the options of those who use the services of escort agencies are varied. In general, escort services are by far the most versatile and flexible of all forms of sex for money; you can order a girl as an escort to the company for purely representative purposes without claim or need for subsequent sexual contact, you combine pleasant with useful and before sex with her (between sex with her, after sex with her) you can still find yourself in a discreet restaurant for a romantic dinner, you can call her to the apartment in case you are single, without commitments and you just can’t stand it anymore (or if you are engaged, with commitments, you can’t stand it and you are a really big player), you call two three girls to replenish the status and compare the testosterone levels of all participants, or with a clearly defined goal in advance, you book a hotel room to which you will have the exact girl who matches your ideas delivered to you (or at least you try to – about the difference between ideas, promises of escort agencies and reality will still be discussed). There are a huge number of variants, you can add others yourself according to your own needs / wishes / experience.

Within the generalization of this form of prostitution, however, it is necessary to define several basic rules and laws. First of all – if you are not a regular customer and you are not ordering a tried and well-known girl or woman, using the services of escort agencies is a lottery bet with a relatively small chance of winning. In this case, the win means meeting and then having sex with the girl you originally planned, on the other hand, the loss consists in receiving something really unexpected, when simply getting rid of or renouncing this can bring unprecedented problems, regardless of the disillusionment that can come from overcoming the initial resistance and the belief that ‘you’ll just try it while it’s here’. This disappointment is largely prevented by the increasingly popular practices of night clubs and private houses, which allow you to come directly to the place, choose a specific girl in real life and only then take her to the promised place, possibly such clubs, private houses as well as escort agencies that they present really real girls and prefer a correct refusal like ‘we’re very sorry, but the girl you’ve chosen is currently unavailable’, before trying to push a girl at least similar, or completely unlike the one you’ve chosen, in an attempt to pass her off as the one advertised / arranged.

Let’s leave aside the business policy and mechanisms of the functioning of escort agencies with the explanation and defense that it is really extremely difficult with the current offer, demand and especially the fluctuation of girls, to always maintain an up-to-date and correct form of advertising, on the basis of which the client chooses escort girls.

As for the price level of escort services, unlike clubs or privates, it is basically elusive – you will come across escorts with a price comparable to prices at privates, but some agencies have prices higher than the prices in clubs. To make the situation even more complicated, some clubs and private houses also offer escort services at a price equal to or slightly higher than the price for the time spent directly on the spot (the opposite of ‘takeaway’ at McDonalds, for example). For this reason, it is not possible to compare the advantages or disadvantages of using escort services on the basis of price – it is more appropriate to think about the essence of their operation and consider all the pros and cons.

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