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Are you ashamed to ask your female companion for what you want?

Are you ashamed to ask your female companion for what you want?

Companions are here for you, so why be shy? Sometimes, although of course no one will admit it willingly, there are also those among us who are still a little shy and do not find enough courage in themselves to be able to say during paid sex that

what they really want. However, compared to marital or partner sex, services for a financial reward should enable the fulfillment of the most deeply hidden and desired ideas or fantasies. It’s not that easy for everyone, asking for a really unusual location or something a little more unusual. You will say that everyone can do this even with a minimal amount of courage, but the truth is different. Fortunately, most men’s self-confidence increases when they realize at the right moment that even a woman or girl providing sexual services does not like stereotypes or monotony, she will certainly also welcome some revival and change. Therefore, leave your shyness aside and do not hesitate to fulfill your desires.

The first step is choosing the right companion

When choosing a suitable sexy girl on an erotic portal, you can immediately find out in the menu whether it is one that meets your expectations. I don’t just mean figure, age or crotch hair removal, rather focus on the range of services and procedures offered. Not only will you find the exact one that will meet all your expectations without any problems, but you can also be inspired by the sometimes very rich and refined offer to something you haven’t tried yet or even overlooked or missed, for example. It wasn’t that long ago that anal sex was a relatively rarely used practice, yet today it is one of the most requested and also the most common services. In a slightly more distant time, this was the case, for example, with oral sex, which today is practically an indispensable part of foreplay and a complement to classic positions and techniques. If you then have a desire for a slightly rougher delivery of sex, a search in erotic advertising will certainly bring you a very rich selection, whether you want to be lightly or more strongly tamed and humiliated by a cruel dominatrix in shiny latex and grafted skin, or you prefer to be you will take on the role of ruler and the longed-for companion will crawl devotedly at your feet. After choosing the right one, it is enough to fine-tune the details, preferably in a personal meeting or by phone.

Masks and disguises

If you want your partner to speak vulgarly during sexual games, express her feelings loudly and express herself in other ways, it is usually enough to indicate this. But it doesn’t hurt to express yourself clearly and comprehensibly to your partner, then everything works as it should. If you have a weakness for irritating erotic lingerie and shoes, many women for sex have it directly on offer, otherwise they will certainly be happy to accommodate you if you bring your own according to your ideas and fantasy. Just be careful about the right size, so that the planned sexy wildness doesn’t end up being more of a comedy! For example, you can dress a willing and permissive call girl (prostitute) similarly to your wife or colleague from work and then do things with her that you sometimes indulge in reality only in secret lustful fantasies. In short, some people are comfortable with a garter belt and fishnet stockings, others prefer a belt with nails, handcuffs, a whip. Why not try both? That’s the only way you’ll know you haven’t missed out on the best. Or you will finally find a style that fits and suits you one hundred percent.

What is still common and what is not so much

Let’s not unnecessarily build barriers and borders, they are meant to be demolished! That’s why we shouldn’t resist experimenting with less common techniques of making love, foreplay and, for example, masturbation. All this is part of sex and change is necessary. After all, even the best food gets eaten over time if it is available all the time. Have you tried slathering your partner (preferably each other) with whipped cream, chocolate or thick liquor and then licking each other’s goodies that are already starting to mix with your bodily juices? Nothing impracticable and yet an unreal experience – those who haven’t tasted it won’t believe it. A lot of excitement can be brought to the sexual games by the occasional stimulation of the situation with the help of a vibrator. For some, a not very attractive idea is, for example, practicing techniques such as piss and other similar variants. However, even these methods of sex have their supporters, and for some, this “forbidden fruit” is just the right thing. Whether classic, oral or anal sex will be performed with or without protection is another matter, where the agreement depends. Again, it is better to choose proven sexportals here, because you can find out most of the data already in the advertising offer. And if you would like (in any combination) to play out the sexual wildness in several people, it will certainly not be a problem to get other companions for these pleasures.

Convention ahead

There is one more option for those who are shy and shy… if you really want something more or less unusual yourself and you can’t bring yourself to ask your companion personally, you can ask a friend for help. It’s still a bit of a double-edged issue – there will already be someone who knows your secret, God forbid that you don’t get along badly and everything comes to light. So it wouldn’t happen that much, many would even be grateful for a similar advertisement. Shy and shy types in no way want to experience something like this. So how to solve the problem? Of course, there is one more option – write your requests and wishes on a piece of paper and hand it directly to the one who will attend to you. If he reads it and agrees with everything, you have nothing to worry about and you will get what you wanted. You will finally fulfill your most secret desires, which may also mean that your erotic fantasy will be released even more and next time you will have much richer requirements for companions. After all, it is the possibility of an infinite number of variants and variations on the same theme that probably makes sex so tempting and attractive. And if shyness is not exactly your problem, but perhaps bothers one of your friends or colleagues, let him read this article… maybe you will do him an invaluable service…

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