Amsterdam – erotica and nightlife

Amsterdam – erotica and nightlife

Amsterdam is not just marijuana dens and a multicultural community of people who can get along and live together without conflict. It’s also the city of love, and true connoisseurs and sexual adventurers know very well that the choices and options here are vast. During the day, a busy tourist town turns into a den of love at night, and eroticism breathes on you in all its forms. With the wave of a magic wand and the coming of night, honest shops become shop windows of vice, and you can taste any of the tempting delicacies. You walk through the alley of love full of red red lanterns and slowly but surely something hardens in your pants at the sight of various women of all nationalities and also all sizes laughing at you with provocative gestures.

Just knock and you’ll be admitted

Eroticism breathes at you from every corner and it’s up to you whether you enter one of these cozy nests of love. It’s so easy, you just need to knock or wink at one of the girls you like and she will immediately let you into her cell. You can experience the best erotica with a blue-eyed blonde, brunette, Asian, black, Indian, chubby, slim, busty, erotica, BSDS, fetish… simply everything is allowed. Do you enjoy unusual practices? Go to one of the special night clubs that will let your erotic fantasy run wild.

Nocturnal erotica and alleys of love

You may not believe me, but just as you hire a guide to walk around the city and see the sights during the day, you can also experience an excursion at night, but a little different. There are special agencies to help you, which will ensure thorough knowledge of the night secrets of the city, and you will even receive an in-depth lecture from an experienced prostitute. Then a friendly guide or, even better, a seductive female guide will take you through the most popular clubs and neighborhoods where the night comes alive with sex.

My delightful experience

Even I couldn’t forgive myself for a minor night adventure, after all, my balls were slowly bursting. The only thing that made me a little hesitant was the possibility of choosing between a loud house with lots of fun and drinking (but for a little more investment) and of course the aforementioned showcase of love. In the end option B won out and I dared to knock on the window, where a seductive Asian girl with a beautiful smile and an even better bust, guaranteed to be real and yet so firm, was grinning at me. The girl might not have been in her 20s, but she certainly didn’t lack experience, she immediately proposed a price and I agreed. She probably didn’t want to waste time, because even for a simple woman, time is money, so she got into me right away and with great vigor. What I experienced next was literally a whirlwind. The little Chinese girl pounced on me as soon as she got the money and strangely enough, she didn’t start with blow job but with a pleasant massage, which perhaps prepared me even better. After the erotic massage came a delicious smoking like I’ve never experienced before. The girl swallowed my accumulated and not inconsiderable member in her seemingly small mouth and suck and suck. She licked my balls and I was gushing with bliss. By the time we got to the golden nail, I was already completely exhausted because twice I lost control and exploded. However, the Asian girl was able to get me in the mood again immediately, and the final intercourse was also amazing. Well… dear sexual adventurers, it was a half hour ride in paradise and it wasn’t expensive at all. If you enjoy not only day tourism but night eroticism and want to get to know everything unknown and forbidden, the Dutch international city of Amsterdam is the perfect destination. You will come back refreshed and rested, or on the contrary, tired from the night’s revelry and the amount of sex. Erotica will surround you from all sides in this mysterious city.

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